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One of Marilyn's passions in life is to spread the Pilates method as a Pilates Instructor, Educator and Pilates Master Trainer. With nearly 20 years of experience in movement and fitness, specializing in exercise therapy and a cumulative 11 years of Pilates experience, this 'passion' has been the fuel that has helped her grow an insurmountable skill set on how the body works, functions, and can break-down over time.

As a self-professed education junkee ~ Marilyn holds over 60 certifications in the movement industry and a teaching background in multiple beneficial exercise therapies beyond Pilates - such as Yoga, Aquatic rehab and Training as well as exercise therapy, functional training and traditional personal training. She has extensive knowledge and experience with pre-hab and re-hab of knee, hip and shoulder replacements, as well as spinal surgeries, fusions and implanted hardware. Marilyn's focus is on education and empowerment through movement and exercise to allow her clients to better realign and restore their bodies in a safe, productive, supportive and fun environment.


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