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Marilyn Harder is an ambassador of all things self love and self care. She holds both a Master’s Degree in Business (MBA) and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from UC Davis and well over 60 certifications in the movement and wellness industry. 

She has an advanced knowledge of kinesthetic movement that she acquired in her work with dysfunctional movement patterns in a 55 and older retirement community. She works primarily as a Pilates Master Trainer and has taken over 150 people through the 500 hour comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program.

Concurrently, she works as Bowenwork practitioner and a Restorative Wellness Practitioner both as additional modalities to troubleshoot healing and optimal wellness.

She utilizes her education in all realms (psychology, movement, naturopathic health and nutrition) in her approach to beauty. What we put on and in our bodies matters but not nearly as much as HOW and WHY we do so.

Marilyn approaches health and beauty through a triad -movement, nutrition and self care.  Out of self care, self love is born. And out of self love authentic purpose, passion, and works are done.

She believes that all pursuit of happiness and purpose begins by anchoring yourself spiritually and loving yourself through the eyes of God.  

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Applying Makeup
Herbs and Minerals

One of Marilyn's passions in life is to spread the Pilates method based as an instructor, educator and Pilates Master Trainer.

Beauty isn’t a look. It’s a feeling. It shines through the eyes and from the soul. The purpose of this section will be to help you find an entry point or growing point in self love.

Our bodies are amazingly interconnected and complex. Not all solutions for health concerns are equal. Restorative Wellness is about customized care for YOUR body.


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